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  • Want to reach a wide range of web users to let them know about the event-based project you are working on?
  • Tired of searching out events calendars online and visiting site after site to enter your listing into their calendars?
  • Wish there was an easier way to get the word out about your event?

Well, now there is.

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it is built around the idea of sharing information freely. Most business owners think that is blasphemy. At Canada Events Calendar, we get it. We've made it extremely easy for webmasters to take the information here, and use it on their websites. (In the near future, we are adding RSS feeds, and a WAP interface.)

Why should you pay over and over to reach a sliver of your target audience at many websites? And even when the listings are free, it still costs you time and energy to seek out appropriate websites, and enter your information repeatedly.

So don't.

(The Canada Event Calendar is also completely accessible to search engines - something most event listings still are not doing, so there is value in being here even without the wider network.)

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We make life simpler for webmasters and for event promoters!

When you list your event on the Canada Events Calendar (CEC), it gets displayed on a variety of websites that use our listings (RSS feeds, PHP includes, or javascript includes).

By offering a free event calendar feed, other websites can connect to our content easily and quickly.

Webmasters can choose events that are of interest to their visitors by:
· geographic region,
· event type, and
· industry or arts sector

If your listing matches their choice, it becomes part of the information presented to their visitors! Remember, listing your event is free!

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